One girl & the many things she finds erotic in her world.
Quick Info: Age-26/Location-TX,US

*And if you haven't figured it out yet this is a NSFW blog & 18+. ^_^ *Another note: this blog isn't intended as a way for me to find someone. If you haven't noticed I already have someone who means a great deal to me. I won't chat with you via Yahoo, AIM, or Skype.


Dear followers,

Due to a recent event I will no longer be blogging on here. I think I’ll let the queue run out or maybe I’ll delete this in the coming week. I’m not sure. What I do know is that the main reason I made this blog is no longer in my life. I’m heartbroken & I’m unsure of where to go from here.

Thank you for following me for nearly three years. It’s been fun.

Put your hands on me, 9.

Put your hands on me, 9.